Friday, 2 October 2015

Shevils - One Thousand Years

Already with a two albums under their belt, Shevils are looking to cement their place as a hardcore frontrunner in what is already a fairly congested genre. What the Norwegian noise makers have fashioned though is an extremely modern take on what we all consider to be the hardcore status quo and this is typified perfectly with 'One Thousand Years', the second single to be taken from their up and coming third album The White Sea.

It's frantic, raucous and is a fine introduction to the eagerly awaited LP. The track is carried on by its bouncing, chugging guitar riff and it's frayed around the edges vocal delivery. Scandinavian bands always seem to possess far more energy than the rest of the world, however this track oozes influences from UK botherers Gallows and legendary hardcore outfit Every Time I Die.

'One Thousand Years' stands out from the pack with a little help from the snarling punk underbelly it carries, turning this into an entirely new hardcore beast.
Overall, it's a solid track and has definitely set the bar pretty high in terms of what to expect from the rest of The White Sea.

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