Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bilbao BBK 2013 preview

It's now only three weeks until everyone's favourite Spanish indie/dance festival comes round again and with the lineup looking mightily strong again I've decided to put together a list of bands that (tequila and sun permitting) I will try my best not to miss.

(This is not the full lineup, go to to see that)

-Depeche Mode - Absolutely essential i see these at least once before I die, with this being probably one of the last chances for me to do that.
-Two Door Cinema Club - Not a massive fan but might as well see them.
-Editors - One of my all time favourite British rock bands, definitely will be seeing these.
-Biffy Clyro - See above.
-Billy Talent - not desperate, but might see if i'm not doing anything else.
-Delorean - Very decent Spanish dance band so these are on my list if I wanna move some shapes on the first night.
-Arcane Roots - Brilliant little British mathcore band. Worth checking out if you're a fan of the genre.
-Little Boots - Depends what time she's on but will try and see her if i fancy a sing song.

-Kings Of Leon - Might as well see them since I do know a few songs and I don't wanna pussy out and go back to the campsite early.
-Mark Lanegan Band - Mark Lanegan is a bit of a legend so i'll tick a box by going to see him.
-Klaxons - Most definitely will be getting my Klaxon on.
-Benjamin Biolay + Carl Barat - As a massive Libertines fan it is imperative I go and see what Carl Barat has to offer.
-2ManyDJs - Absolutely. This will be an awesome set in the sun.
-The Weeks - Not desperate to see them but might go for the few songs I actually know.
-Birdy Nam Nam - The best named band on the lineup but also one of my favourite French electronica acts so will try my best to see them.

-Green Day - Of course.
-Vampire Weekend - Would probably go and see them, depending on what everyone else was doing.
-Fatboy Slim - One does not simply miss Fatboy Slim at any festival.
-The Hives - They're just fucking fun really.
-We Are Standard - I checked these out when i saw them on the lineup and they're pretty decent, if Spanish indie rock if your cup of tea.

Everything else will be a bonus providing it doesn't cut into important fiesta/siesta time. I can't rate Bilbao BBK highly enough as it's such a good festival and at only £85 for a 3 day ticket (plus Wednesday to set up camp) it's one of the cheapest festivals in Europe and nearly 3 times cheaper than Leeds/Reading, plus there is a 100% chance of better weather. Adios!

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