Monday, 14 January 2013

'The Jellycats - When I Do' album review

In a world dominated by King Cowell and his little conveyor belt of dreams, it can be a little difficult to spot the REAL musicians. The one's that start in their mate's bedroom, plying their trade on knackered instruments and being forced to play impromptu street sets until they can afford their ticket to the top; Their own van. One such band is Essex-based quartet The Jellycats.
Formed in 2010, their steady rise has featured it's fair share of hiccups and only recently has it started to reap the rewards which include support slots of none other than Bad Manners and Blink-182 as well as playing Hevy and Download festival. Citing their influences as including Less Than Jake and The Mighty Boosh, it's plain to see they aren't around to be the next Tears For Fears. What they are though, is a whole lot of fun.
Opening track Hysteria gives you that warm and familiar ska beat and trumpet rhythm that bands such as Sublime and Reel Big Fish have made their own. Now granted this album won't win a Nobel Peace Prize, but it will win your hand at the dance, which you can only perform with a bare chest and a tie around your head.
Another thing to point out is just how catchy this album is. Every song has at least one line that'll stick in your head, an example of which is “Stu can't play the drums because he's really really shit”. Deceiving song titles such as Gay, T-W-A-T and CrackHead are genuinely brilliant tracks.
All in all When I Do is a very silly, fun and charming album that is destined to put a smile on anyone's face. Another thing to add is through sheer generosity and love via the band, the album is available as a free download HERE.

Words by David Dring

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