Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Best albums of 2012

It's that time of year again. While everyone gets into the festive spirit of eating their body weight in turkey and mince pies and opening mostly unwanted gifts (hopefully with a receipt included) I like to bunch together a few of my choice favourite records. Had to narrow it down to fifteen but I can safely say these are my favourite fifteen albums of this year. Enjoy!
For the sake of argument I've grouped them in alphabetical order.

1. All-American Rejects - Kids In The Streets
Kids In The Street Wikipedia
Everyone's almost favourite band, this album appealed to me the most as it's a little bit rawer than previous efforts. Great party album too.

2. Blood Red Shoes - In Time To Voices
In Time To Voices Wikipedia
Serially underrated British band. Dynamically brilliant and an uncanny ability to create such a wide spectrum to say there's only two members.

3. Correatown - Pleiades 
Correatown artist Wikipedia
It's nice to have a bit of quiet time and this album is the perfect soundtrack for it. Dreampop is a starry little genre hidden in the niche of heavier sounds but it's just as rewarding.

4. Dry The River - Shallow Bed
Shallow Bed Wikipedia
A little bit of folk music never hurt anybody and this is as good if not better than those Mumford & Sons darlings.

5. Ellie Goulding - Halcyon
Halcyon Wikipedia
How can you not love Ellie Goulding? Theres a nice range of genres covered on here, firmly putting Miss Goulding at the head table of female vocalists.

6. Flyleaf - New Horizons 
New Horizons Wikipedia
One of the best rock albums of 2012. Read my review of it HERE.

7. Garbage - Not Your Kind Of People
Not Your Kind Of People Wikipedia
The Queen of the damned and her merry band of darklings returned in 2012 with this little monster of an album.

8. The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten
Handwritten Wikipedia
Another year, another album by Gaslight Anthem in a greatest album list. For catchy choruses tinged with 50's swing and 60's soul look no further.

9. Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg
Jake Bugg album Wikipedia
Our Jake! Born and raised in Nottingham, his debut sounds like it was nicked right from Bob Dylan's back catalogue.

10. The Killers - Battle Born
Battle Born Wikipedia
Crawl back under your rock if you say you've never heard at least one song of this album. Perfect music in any situation and environment.

11. Of Monsters And Men - My Head Is An Animal
My Head Is An Animal Wikipedia
A bit of a late arrival to this list. Folk, folk and more folk designed to put a smile on any face, with plenty of 'la la la's to boot.

12. Rolo Tomassi - Astraea
Astraea Wikipedia
Not the easiest band to get into, just ask my neighbours. Learn to love it though and it's a great addition to any iPod.

13. Ronan Keating - Fires
Fires album Wikipedia
Fuck what you think, this is a glorious little pop rock album. It's just a shame it took him nearly 20 years to make.

14. Shiny Toy Guns - III
III album Wikipedia
One of the very few albums where style and substance meet in equal balance, electronic music has never sounded so good. Read my review of it over HERE.

15. Yashin - We Created A Monster
Yashin band Wikipedia
This album is pretty saucy. If you pick a post hardcore album to get into then pick this one. Heavier than a ton of lead piss and just as brutal.

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